See your process Anywhere!

Project Kraken

Joy Automation is solving the problems with traditional SCADA by building modern solutions that use open standards and protocols instead of the proprietary technology that has plagued the industry for decades. We’ve dubbed our platform Project Kraken, which is a complete technology stack for accessing process control equipment and process data.

Anywhere SCADA is built with Project Kraken and is Joy Automation’s fully managed infrastructure that we offer as a service to our customers.

The Problem with Traditional SCADA Solutions

Traditional industrial process control systems are not designed to be innovative, flexible, or to improve the productivity of end users. They are designed to maximize profit for the companies that supply them by making it difficult to integrate with other solutions and ensuring that the primary answer for every problem is to purchase another software license or another piece of hardware.

Modern open standards and protocols exist that make it unnecessary to continue the use of closed, proprietary technology for control and monitoring of industrial systems.

What Joy Automation is Doing About It

We are identifying the applications where proprietary closed platforms are typically applied and utilizing modern open alternatives. Where a solution doesn’t exist, we build our own!

Why is this better?

The short answer is it’s better than traditional SCADA solutions in almost every way 😊, but I’m sure you’re looking for specifics so here they are!

Eliminate License Engineering & Cost

The entire stack is open-source, with the Joy Automation components being open source under the GPL-3.0 copyleft license. Our pricing is based on labor with a reasonable scaling minimum based on the number of devices you have connected. With Anywhere SCADA, you can make the best technology decisions for your project instead of compromising to reduce licensing and support costs.

Cloud Ready

The entire stack is designed to get your data to the cloud easily and securely so you can build cloud applications fed by your process data. The cloud no longer needs to be a separate package or a different vendor. It’s just part of your SCADA system.

Increased Security

One excellent benefit of bringing your data securely to the cloud is you no longer need to rely on Secure Remote Access (SRA) solutions for simple monitoring. You may still need them for remote access by developers and support staff for troubleshooting, but monitoring can be through a hardened public application using access control systems that have been battle-tested for the internet. You don’t even need SRA to make updates to software, thanks to Continuous Deployment tools like GitHub Actions.

Lower Development Costs

Whether you use Joy Automation to develop your application or not, development in Anywhere SCADA is much lower cost than traditional SCADA development. Developers get to enjoy tooling for modern software development, such as version control, automated testing, and continuous deployment. Also, unlike traditional SCADA development, developers can contribute from anywhere. Which means the flexibility to scale your team, using Joy Automation, third-party integrators, or your own internal staff, is unparalleled.

Lower Maintenance Costs

No proprietary monolithic software in the stack means there are no significant sources of downtime for things like version upgrades. Where traditional SCADA would require tens of thousands of dollars in licensing and integrator costs, keeping things up to date fits right within your minimum maintenance hours on Anywhere SCADA.